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Fun Facts.


In 2005 when I received my Bachelor of Design Degree at ACAD, I was also awarded a scholarship to attend SVA in New York where I studied advertising. 

I’ve lived in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. I prefer Brooklyn.


When we were shooting the Best Western campaign I slept in 13 different hotels in 9 different towns/cities and boarded over 30 flights over a 3 month period.


Six months before the first Hobbit movie came out I flew to LA and read the script. 


I am officially an Art Director, but I also do copywriting. I absolutely love writing headlines. My favorite part of working in advertising is coming up with creative ideas.


After 10 years in New York I moved to Cambodia to work for an agency that focused on helping people in need around the world. The work was creative and rewarding. 


A little monkey used to steal my neighbor’s underwear off of her clothesline and leave them on my balcony (so awkward).


I've gone swimming under a sacred waterfall with Buddhist monks.


I am a published Illustrator. I've illustrated books, a hand full of advertising campaigns, and an album cover. 

If I won the lottery, I would take a year off to travel the world and then another year off to draw about it. 


I’ve been keeping an illustrated journal featuring my alter ego "Miss Molly" for eight years. I have over 400 entries.


When I’m not working or drawing I like to get out of the city and take pictures.


I think chocolate ruins perfectly good ice-cream.

To see a list of clients and my work experience, check out my resume.


Want to see more of my illustration work, check out my other website.


Want to know more? Email me. I'm friendly. 





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