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Chobani: The Chomobile Tour

The Chomobile is a food truck that drives across America every summer handing out free Chobani Greek Yogurt. This highly interactive website allows fans to track the Chomobile as it makes its way accross the country. Virtual postcards illustrated where the Chomobile had been and the location sign in the bottom right corner let fans know what stops were next. At each location the Chomobile Team kept fans up to date by posting photos, tweeting updates, sharing stories, writing about their adventures in the "Travel Scrapbook" and writing on the back of each virtual postcard. The website also gave fans a chance to put their USA trivia to the test and play the "Groupie Game" for a chance to win a weekend getaway to any of the Chomobile stop.

Chomobile Team
Postcard From Map
Postcard Back
Postcard From Map
Travel Scrapbook
Travel Scrapbook
Live Tweets #Chomobile
Groupie Game Question
The Road Ahead

Chomobile post cards were handed out at events so people could send their love to others.

Creative reusable bags and cute bibs were also given away at the Chomobile to help promote the brand. 

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