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The Lucky Iron Fish: Help us put a fish in every pot 

Over 6 million Cambodians and 3.5 billion people worldwide are iron deficient. This is a huge global problem and in 2012 Dr. Chris Charles invented a simple, affordable solution: The Lucky Iron Fish


The Lucky Iron Fish is a small iron fish that provides up to 70% of your required iron intake when used properly in every day cooking. To help raise money for distribution, bring awareness to the global issue of iron deficiency, and to make the product available to people world wide, we crated a website, 2 videos sold the product online and in stores frequented by tourists in Cambodia.

We designed packaging to target people visiting Cambodia. Using mini postcards as our communication vehicles we were able to feature imagery and information in an creative way, highlighting both Cambodia's beauty and the problem if iron difficiency so many of it's people face. content. There were 5 informative postcards in total, each one focused on specific information and featured an image to support its content. 

Our display case was also a functioning mailbox. In Cambodia mailboxes are hard to come by so the opportunity to mail a letter of free Lucky Iron Fish postcard while abroad was an added customer bonus. We were also able to communicate a variety of messages through stickers placed on the mailbox.

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