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I need groceries

The market is beautiful and intimidating. It’s crammed full of people, mostly locals and many of them are pushing through on their scooters. The booths are all very close together so it’s hard to walk around and food is literally everywhere. But it’s bursting with energy unlike anything I’ve ever seen in New York or Canada. Live eels flail around in bowls, chickens making a break for it, vendors chopping and preparing fresh meat right in front of you. Colourful fruit, vegetables and eggs are in baskets everywhere you look. People are negotiating prices (i assume), chatting, eating, smoking, maneuvering the crowd like a well practiced dance. The food all looks so fresh, but it's more expensive that I thought it would be. Expect to pay “tourist” prices if you’re not from here. So far grocery in Phnom Penh has proven to be just as expensive as it was in Manhattan.

I need to learn some negotiation skills, fast. And a new language.

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