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Today I am a tourist

Tuk-Tuk drivers here can be a bit aggressive, but they are usually friendly. I was approached by many of them, but this one in particular started talking to me at a Buddhist Temple near my apartment, and convinced me to take a little tour. I’m glad I did. It was nice having someone to show me around a bit on my first full day here. He knew a lot about Buddhism (he grew a monk) so I got a bit of a crash course in the religion and his english was really good. He took me to 5 temples altogether, and all of them were breathtaking. The ornate detail on everything from handrails to doors, to the painted interior walls, were spectacular. I felt like I was walking into a jewelry box. But even though it was all extremely extravagant, it was also incredibly humbling and peaceful.

I received a red string braided bracelet from an elderly woman who cared for one of the temples. She preformed a bit of a ceremony on me that I didn't fully understand, but I know it was a blessing. My driver told me not to take the bracelet off and to let it fall off on its own for good luck.

Side note, always take shoes off before entering a temple. And remember to turn the flash off if you’re taking photos…

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