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Translation fail

Funny story. Well, funny now.

Now that I’ve moved into my own apartment and have unpacked my things, I've also realized that don’t own anything useful anymore. I have ample clothing, markers, and toiletries, but when it comes to day to day living I’m kind of starting from scratch.

The first thing on my “to buy” list was bedsheets. The first store I went to had only 5 styles to choose from, all pretty ugly, ranging from $80.00 US to $180.00 US.Theses prices seemed pretty outrageous even by New York standards, so I moved on. The second store I went to also seemed way overpriced, but under a pile of towels I found a dark blue package labelled “navy blue sheet set” And it was only $30 so I grabbed it.

When I get home I open the bed-sheet set all I see is pink. I unfold the fitted sheets and see even brighter pink hearts, then finally, the cute teddy bears. Then, I see the pillow cases. They are also pink, but have stripes instead of hearts, and instead of teddies they feature cute lions. Finally, I see what I assume is the bed sheet, but once i unfold it I see that it’s actually 2 awkward looking long skinny pillow case that would comfortably fit my legs. Even “5 year old Kendra” would look at this bedding and seriously question the style choice.

I also bought laundry detergent but I can’t read anything on the package because its all in Khmer. The illustration of smiling bubble with big happy eyes beside a bright red shirt makes me think it’s colour safe. Guess I’ll see next week….

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