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Denny's: The Hobbit Menu

Denny's teamed up with Warnerbrothers to launch the much-anticipated Hobbit movie in the most delicious way possible. We created a Denny’s Hobbit Menu. It featured a wide variety of Hobbit inspired dishes, including a Shire Skillet, Hobbit Holes, and The Ring Burger. 


As part of our campaign launch we held a nation wide casting call inviting Hobit fans everywhere to audition for our TV comercial. On top of being on national television and taking part in an authentic filming experience, the six lucky Hobbit fans were also featured in an online "behind the scenes" documenttary style video that put a spotlight on their acting debuet and their love for the The Hobbti Menu.


This campaign also included an interactive website, online games, collector cards, interactive placemats, and other digital media elements.

This was a very successful modual for Denny's, and it created a lot of media buzz. The Denny's Hobbit Menu was feature on various late night TV shows, incluiding Stephen Cobert, and on blogs all over the web. 

TV Commercial : Grandma

Clip : The Onion News

Web Video : Behind the Scenes at Denny's TV shoot

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