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Denny's: The "Let's Get Cheesy" Menu.

Denny's 'Let's Get Cheesy' menu embraced one of America's favourite ingredients and everything cheesy. We wrote cheesy pick-up lines, created cheesy e-cards, featured cheesy music, had cheesy blogs and re-posted cheesy photos: There was no end to the cheesiness.

Together with College Humor, we hit the streets with some cheesy pick-up-lines inspired by Denny's "Let's Get Cheesy" menu.


Cheesy looking E-Cards with cheesy motivational messaging were free to send.  Each card also doubled as a coupon.

Our "cheeseology" hub catered to cheese lovers everywhere. It highlighted "cheesy" articles, celebrity photos and even cheesier blog posts.

We all love cheesy music when the mood is right, that's why we designed and created a Cheesy Music Hub on Grooveshark where cheese lovers could listen to some cheese tunes.

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