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Digital / Web

This is a quick overview of some online creative, but each piece is part of a larger campaign that extends beyond the internet.

Chomobile Team
Postcard From Map
Postcard Back
Postcard From Map
Travel Scrapbook
Travel Scrapbook
Live Tweets #Chomobile
Groupie Game Question
The Road Ahead

ChildSafe : Don't Create More Orphans

Chobani Greek Yogurt : Chomobile

Denny's Online Game: Personality Quiz

Newman's Own Online Game

This website featured our animated video and informed people of the potential harm orphanage donations can have in developing countries.

This website allowed people to interact with and follow the Chomobile on it's tour of the USA

By answering a series of fun questions, this Denny's Burger Personality Quiz gave customers the chance to see which burger build best represented them.

In this online game players toss, top and bake as many thin crust  pizzas as possible before the clock runs out.

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