I've been doing freelance illustration and drawing in my personal life for years. Here's a quick glimpse into my sketchbook. If you'd like to see more of my illusatration work, check out my illustration site


This illustration for Newman's Own Pizza ran in magazines, newspapers and digitally.

This online game for Newman's Own consisted of 3 levels. Players had to toss, top and bake as many pizzas as they could before time ran out.

This comedic illustration of a young mans brain was the cover for a "how to" book that I illustrated, aimed at helping men appear more desirable to their potential partners.

This is my dog. He's even cuter in person.

This illustration advertising Duane Reade's new flagship location covered the front and back of the Metro Newspaper.

"Diner Dee" was a fictional server at Denny's. She had her own twitter account and would post images (illustrated) and fun stories about her interesting days working at America's favorite diner.