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A musical wake-up

This Saturday morning at 6:30am I woke up to very loud music playing outside. And singing... oh the singing. It was a style I didn’t recognize and a language I didn’t understand, so it unfortunately seemed more like noise than music to me. Though, I’m sure its lovely… if you "get it" and if you hate sleeping in past 7am.

I assumed based on the music’s volume that the instruments were stationed outside my window and the person singing with the microphone had climbed into bed with me. But I was wrong. When I went for a walk to get my morning Dragon Fruits, I passed a street/tent wedding almost a block away from my bedroom window. How was it so loud? I don’t know.

The wedding was in full swing and from what I could see it was very sweet. I snapped a photo of a little girl waiting in the sidelines for her cue. She was wearing more eye-liner than I’ve seen on a girl her age, or my age, or in person… but she looked very pretty. It was a cute moment.

I think wedding ceremonies here traditionally last for 3 days, so I probably have a few more serenaded early mornings to look forward to.

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